Friday, July 30, 2010

WELA OPPORTUNITY: Work Smarter...NOT Harder! ...Not a Hype..


Fast Start

Earn $16 on every sale, Plus Earn $4 each on the First 2 people placed under you no matter who sponsored them.

Team Cycles
Cycles are paid weekly on CV of 80/40 for a cycle of $6 or 15% on the lesser legs CV! The larger legs CV carries over to the next week and is banked as long as you remain an active associate. NO Flushing! You can earn up to $20,000 per week from Team Cycles.

Generation Matching Bonus
Earn a 25% matching bonus on the Team cycles of 2 Generations of *Gold associates. There is no limit on the Matching Bonuses you can earn look at the examples below.

Global Bonus Pool
2% of the total Company sales are split into 4 separate pools of .5% each. A *Gold pool, *Platinum pool,*Double Platinum pool, and *Crown pool. Each member participates only in their highest qualifed bonus pool.

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