Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Top Safelists with Safelist Promo Codes

Top Safelists

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Here is a collection of Promo Codes for Safelists that I am using. What is a Safelist? A Safelist is a mailing list that is geared towards advertising web sites, business opportunities, and so forth. All members of a free or paid safelist agree to receive advertising emails from the other members. It benefits you by allowing you to advertise to a number of people via email, without having to resort to spam.
You need to have at least two emails, preferably Gmail, one for receiving all the email ads from other members called List Email (you will receive lots and lots of email. Do not your personal email for this), and the other one is called Contact Email, where you will receive letters from the Admin of the sites below and Solo Ads Email from other members where you get higher credits for every email you read (Again, I suggest you use another email and not your personal email unless you are good in organizing your Gmail account using tags and  filters).
It is very easy to join the Top Safelists Sites below. All of them are Free to Join.  I recommend that you join as many as you can (I joined them all so I can email everyday alternately). Just click on the banner or the link and fill in your details. After joining you’ll need to activate your account by clicking a link in a verification email sent to both your Contact Email and List Email addresses.
More Advertising sites on these Links: Top Ad Exchanges, Top List Builders, and  Safelists Promo Codes

CLICK HERE FOR Top Safelists

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Phil Davis said...

Great post Thor,

A lot of safelist mailers are total garbage. However there are some really good ones to grow your list. A good place to get the best safelist to send your emails is to use It keeps track of the responsiveness of most safelists. also helps in automating the process so that you will not have to spend so much time on safelists.

Great post,

Phil Davis

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