Thursday, August 5, 2010

Free Lifetime Pro Account @ AdJockeys Safelist : Riding Your Ads Into The Winners Circle That Combines Both a Safelist and Text Ad Exchange ALL Into ONE!

Sign Up For FREE and Receive a Free Lifetime Pro
PLUS $10.00 Will Be Added to your Commission Account
here at AdJockeys Until 1500 Members.

Once you have Verified your Account you can Use
Promo Code: New Member in the Members Area for your
Free Pro Upgrade PLUS a $10 Sign Up BONUS and
some BONUS Advertising that will be added to your
Account here at AdJockeys.


Frequently Asked Questions:
What Is a Safelist?
A safelist is an email list that is focused towards advertising web sites, online promotions, business opportunities and more. The AdJockeys is an Advertising Co-Operative, as all members agree to receive advertising emails from other members. It benefits advertisers by allowing them to forward ads to a large number of potential customers (AdJockeys members) without having to resort to spam. It benefits AdJockeys members because they are rewarded for viewing the ads.

What Is Different About AdJockeys?

This Safelist Offers your more than just sending Credit Emails and Setting Up Banners. This is Unlike any Safelist you have been a Member of. You can also setup HTML/Text Ads, Traffic Links, HotLINKS, SuperSOLOS, SoloBUCK$, PTC Ads and so much more, many of which you will find available on many Text Ad Exchanges. Just like on Text Ad Exchanges, you will Earn Credits for Viewing many of these Advertising Options as well. Also NEW Here at AdJockeys Safelist is most of the Advertising available here at AdJockeys Safelist can be Purchased using your Credits.

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