Friday, August 6, 2010

SWOM: Social Network Where You Can Really Earn Money Online

In my previous post  SWOM : Money Making Social Network I detailed what this social networking website is all about. Like Facebook, you can post, interact, chat, email, or simply socialize with over 70,000 plus members of SWOM. The good news is, you get paid to do this! Almost every activity you do earn you  a point and that will be used by SWOM to calculate how much you money you earn.  The simple rule is "More points, More Money."

To date, I have already made 7,269 friends connections! A massive platform of internet marketing! SWOM is also a place to learn from a great number of experienced and top performing internet marketers.

Here is the proof of money I earned at SWOM.

Please note that I have NO REFERRAL but still I made money! $54.22 is not bad and I only do this about one hour a day socializing with internet marketers. If a referral upgrades to gold membership, that's an additional $15.00 per upgrade.

So if you have not joined SWOM, JOIN HERE NOW and start earning!

Please note that you need to open an AlertPay account to receive your payment. Open an Alertpay account here.

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