Sunday, August 15, 2010

WELA: First Steps to Your Wealth Online

Congratulations for joining My Wela and I welcome you to my blog, Inspired Net Partner. I will try my best to explain this business, step by step, which I hope will help you be successful on this business.

When you signed up and upgraded your membership to WELA, you were given the following:

1. Your Personal Slimberry Website or Splash Page 
- the link is email to you. It looks like this You can get yours on the first after you log-in at your backoffice. This is is the website that you will promote to your friends, colleagues, email subscribers, in traffic exchanges, forums, classified, social networking sites, e-mail marketing safelist, etc.

- When someone fills out the form in your splash page (just like what you did to mine), you will receive a notification from The WELA Support Team that you have a new tour taker that visited your site.  The WELA Support Team will automatically start sending out a series of EMail Letters to your personal Tour Takers giving them all the same information you received before you decided to become a member.

2. You Wela Back Office 
- this your online office. You can do this by logging-in at

3. Your First Slimberry Product Order worth $49.95
- you will receive this on the mail. I received mine and it looks great. This is good demonstration material if you want to present the product personally. People will be convinced once they see the actual product.

4. Your guaranteed 25 Tour Takers 
- everyday after you signed up, tour takers will be registered under you. They are basically your potential downlines. You will e-mail this people and offer help to them so they will upgrade. You will note that when they upgade, you will recieve a fast start bonus of $16 for each upgrade.

You need to be familiarized with your back office. It has all the information you need to successfully run this business. Take time to view all the videos if you can. There are no shortcuts to SUCCESS!

WELA Overview of Back Office 


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