Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to Generate a Full-Time Income From a TINY 2x2 Matrix with only $15 to Invest

Just recently, a SWOM friend invited me to join a networking business opportunity called QuickCashBuzz. Here is what they offer - plain and simple!

QuickCashBuzz is a SUPER FAST Low Cost One Time Fee 2x2 Small Matrix that flips $45 payments right into your AlertPay account AUTOMATICALLY each time you cycle.

Features of this business opportunity:

Low One Time Fee of $15 allows you to cycle to infinity without spending another dime. Talk about a perfect feeder system!
  No Holes Ever ... your personal 2x2 is created for you without being part of a big forced matrix structure where you could end up at the bottom. That won't happen here - YOU are at the TOP of every 2x2
created for you and each re-entry 2x2 created as a result any time you cycle.
No Complicated Compensation Plans! When you cycle to $45 - you get paid. You get a Matching Bonus of $10 when your referral cycles. No rocket science here. That would equal triple your initial outlay of $15 one time but there is much more profit when you cycle again and again with free re-entry. Promote - Cycle - Get Paid DAILY!
  This is how you cycle! You can refer 2 that refer 2 which would be a total of 6 members under you. Those 6 can come from spillover from your efforts or the efforts of your sponsor. Oh, after 14 years online, I know all about spillover ... this matrix structure is created for maximum spillover.
  QuickCashBuzz is a solid "follow me" system. That means that the team that comes in together - stays together. You will always follow your team leader - you won't end up in someone else's downline and you won't be working to cycle someone that's not in your group or team.
  Random Paid Referrals for Upgraded Members. If someone comes into the system without a sponsor - we will assign a sponsor. 

Here's what you get for your $15.00 joining fee:

QuickCashBuzz will delivers High Quality Viral Buzz Ads 24 Hours a Day to give you maximum exposure of your Primary Business Opportunity in the Viral Buzz Ad Network. When you upgrade to Pro you receive 25,000 Viral Buzz Text Ad Impressions - that alone is a $50 Value. Oh really? Yes, your ads will be shown within our entire network of websites with a total membership of more than 30,000 active members.

Don't procastinate. JOIN HERE NOW!

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