Friday, December 10, 2010

WELA SlimberryPro Hot Contest Going on!

It's been my 3rd month with WELA (Your Wealth) Slimberry. I am really thankful that I signed up to this opportunity. Where in the world can you buy a good product and you get a business at the same time? You can't get that on the Supermarket, Wal Mart, Amazon or Ebay.

I like Wela business because it is really affordable. Low autoship compared to Amway, Vemma, or other well known MLMs. The in-built marketing system is really good and sign-ups or leads are provided. We just have to follow up and explain how the business run.

This week, Wela launched a very tempting contest. A weekly Bonus Pool! If you land in the Top 5, a really good price awaits you at the end of the week. As a snapshot, the Top Associate has 11 referrals so far. The Second and Third got 7 and 5 respectively. So here's your Big chance to participate!

Wela Slimberry still running its Monthly Referral Contest. So, if you missed out on the Weekly Contest, you are still in the running to win a place in the Monthly Bonus Pool!

In Wela, You earn a Fast Start Bonus of  $16 on every sale, Plus Earn $4 each on the First 2 people placed under you no matter who sponsored them. Read more here.

Come aboard NOW by JOINING HERE!


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